Don’t be afraid to go into Full Screen mode when you watch the video. This was uploaded for a high resolution display.  If you do this you will be able to more clearly see the full effect and get a better feel for what is going on during the tutorial!

If you would like to have the 8×10 printable that I created during this tutorial just click the image below!  Spring starts FRIDAY so I thought this would be a good way to celebrate!  (Even though it is supposed to snow here tomorrow… meh)

Watercolor Free Spring Printable

I hope you guys enjoyed this and have a wonderful week!



It is cold and dreary here in the Northeast.  The past several days have been filled with ice and slushy and grey ickiness.  I thought that for today we would make a palette that was bright and happy.. a total contrast to this cold bleak January weather!  I hope you like it!

Color Calling Card #13 - Bright happy palette



color card bright autumn

Isn’t this gorgeous?  It is a top on Jane (which I couldn’t buy if I wanted because they don’t make them for FAT LADIES! – seriously plus size love would be nice, Jane!)

So the palette is a bit atypical of what I’ve been posting so far but I really do love all the bold colors.  It could be a bold bright fall, you know?

In other news there is a LOT going on in the background.  I want to keep you all afloat so be sure to keep visiting and commenting!  Oh, Also – You’re awesome & happy Monday!