I’ve been trying to keep up with all my freebies on the freebie page of the site. Today I have a brand new one for you! This set of little labels and markers matches the May Parade! I thought it would be a fun little extra.



For me what is more fun is I created this set of freebies using a new style set of mine!  Stylin’ #159 – Embossed Plastic is one of my most favorite style sets thus far!  If you’d like to see this set in action I made a little tutorial that you can watch right here!



Thank you so much for stopping by here at Mommyish!  No matter how you got here I hope you enjoy yourself!  If you have been chugging along the Parade then you are at the right place!

So for a little blurb I want to invite you to the special SHCo 60% off sale!  All items at SHCo are CU/PU Ok!  If you are a do-it-yourself scrapper or a designer there is sure to be something for you from styles to unique layered realistic elements & more!  Below is a small sampling of what is in my shop!

Mommyish - Commercial use

Now for my parade bit! I really wanted to make something a bit quirky and fun and came up with this little mini for you! I hope you enjoy it!

Mommyish - May Parade Freebie




Don’t be afraid to go into Full Screen mode when you watch the video. This was uploaded for a high resolution display.  If you do this you will be able to more clearly see the full effect and get a better feel for what is going on during the tutorial!

If you would like to have the 8×10 printable that I created during this tutorial just click the image below!  Spring starts FRIDAY so I thought this would be a good way to celebrate!  (Even though it is supposed to snow here tomorrow… meh)

Watercolor Free Spring Printable

I hope you guys enjoyed this and have a wonderful week!