It is cold and dreary here in the Northeast.  The past several days have been filled with ice and slushy and grey ickiness.  I thought that for today we would make a palette that was bright and happy.. a total contrast to this cold bleak January weather!  I hope you like it!

Color Calling Card #13 - Bright happy palette



color card bright autumn

Isn’t this gorgeous?  It is a top on Jane (which I couldn’t buy if I wanted because they don’t make them for FAT LADIES! – seriously plus size love would be nice, Jane!)

So the palette is a bit atypical of what I’ve been posting so far but I really do love all the bold colors.  It could be a bold bright fall, you know?

In other news there is a LOT going on in the background.  I want to keep you all afloat so be sure to keep visiting and commenting!  Oh, Also – You’re awesome & happy Monday!



photo-editHi there, welcome to another Tutorial Tuesday!  I was trying to think of a new tip or tutorial to give you guys and I thought – why not photos?  I am not an amazing photographer or photo editor for that matter, but I am able to get my photos to pop.  You don’t need any actions for these simple tricks… no adjustments.. just some duplicating of layers and changing blending modes then BAM better pictures.  Or better-ish images.

You know how icky phone pictures can be.. make them BETTER!  Now I am not saying this is going to work some crazy high definition magic on your photos.  i use this to help images that may be a bit grainy already – just to help them look a little less pathetic.  You get me, Right?

I hope you all enjoy this little tutorial and have a fantastic Tuesday!