tutorial tuesday

I had asked last week for tutorial requests!  I received one request on making and using paths.  I may end up making another tutorial about paths because they are SOOO useful.  This is a tutorial that teaches you how to create paths out of shapes and selection tools for creating dynamic text areas and brushing area thingies.  So watch the tutorial below and see how using paths can help you!

And this is where I try to get you to BUY MY THINGS. :P  Seriously though, I have an older kit up today at P&Co for 50% off called Spooked.  It is a bit dark for a Halloween kit but I like it!  It is only $3 through Thursday.  Also.. the 33% off sale is still on just use the code: mommyish33 at P&Co.



I am inappropriately happy with myself for sticking with this new blog set up for a month now!  I love my blog SO SO much and I am super excited about bringing you new content.  Today I am going to share a little story.. it has nothing to do with colors.  I got up at 5:45 because we had to leave the house by 7 for a dentist appointment.. in which they pulled a wisdom tooth out.  So I am post-pull and WRITING to you… so if this post seems weird, you know why.. ok, not really because I only got some numbing stuff so my weirdness is truly all my own.  As I posted last week I visited an apple orchard with my family!  I loved it and that is the inspiration for this weeks card!


This will also be the palette I am using for my next kit.  :D  Also right now keep in mind that my 33% off sale for my 33rd birthday is on through Thursday!  I have been known to add new products during sales so be sure to check it out.  And for tomorrow’s tutorial we will be learning about paths!  :D

Also, before I forget.  I am an affiliate with Mighty Deals, however I don’t advertise deals unless they are things I’m buying myself as an artist/designer.  We had our watercolor tutorial last week and I saw this FANTASTIC deal for watercolor textures that was only $11 for 58 watercolor textures (see here) and 30 grunge textures.

They are all larger than 12×12 at 300ppi so PERFECT for scrapbooking!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes and have a fantastic Monday!



*dances around like a crazy person.. per usual* I’m turning 33 this weekend and thought it would be an excellent idea to have a 33% off sale at both SHCo & P&Co.  I went a bit overboard yesterday and uploaded 7 new products plus 3 previously bundled products for a total of 10 new happy’s up at SHCo.


I must woefully regret that this fervor did not cross over to P&Co where I only repackaged a set of templates!  You guys still love me though, right?  Plus everything at P&Co is also 33% off so that has to count for something, yes?  Say yes. :P  At P&Co be sure to use this code: mommyish33



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