Ok, I was having some issues the past few weeks logging into my website – and I had been wanting to post what I’ve been up to and I didn’t have the ability to do it!  So – here I am!  I will be adding my two latest freebies up in the freebie section shortly. 🙂 What is new this week?  Well… Just Jaimee & I released our FIRST monthly CU collection.  This will be a subscription – but due to some unforeseen technical issues it will have to be put off until next month.  So for now you can grab the collection/bundle for 9.99 through the 31st! It’s HUGE!  We each made five full sized CU products + a FGWP mini for you!

CU Subscription - January 2016

Just take a look and see!  You don’t want to miss out on this deal!

CU Bundle

Right?!  I love it!  Oddly enough my favorite part for my portion is the FWP little fastener bits!

Also out this week is a new set of templates!  My CT made some gorgeous layouts with them and I even made a few myself!


Aren’t these so much fun?!  There are more layouts on the product page!  Be sure to check them out. 🙂

Also this week I had my Saturday Scrap & Chat and my Tutorial Tuesday.  Below are both of the videos – be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a single one!  Scrap & Chat with Mommyish is a weekly video on Saturday’s while Tutorial Tuesdays are on.. well… Tuesday!

I hope you are enjoying all the new content and product releases!  2016 is going to be our best year yet!  I look forward to sharing it all with you <3

Also – a quick link to today’s freebie!

Alpha Freebie



Hi Everyone!  In my attempt to keep up with my blog for the new year I have an update along with some things to share!  First off.. Mommyish is officially at The-Lilypad!  You may notice that my full inventory is not yet available.

Over the course of the past few weeks my family and I have been busily trying to get all products imported from two sites into one.  The process is nearing full completion —  we just aren’t quite there yet!  Over the next several days we will be loading more and more products at TLP.  Do not fear 🙂  Mommyish will be back fully VERY soon.  Until then I want to share a project with you that I have really poured my heart and soul into over the past few weeks.


As you can see I’ve Got A Plan is my new monthly collection.  I have gotten a bit addicted to planners thanks to Cocoa Daisy!  I have absolutely loved using them and now – DESIGNING them. 🙂  This collection comes with a bit of something for everyone.  If you are a scrapper or pocket scrappers there are tons of elements, alphas, pocket cards and papers to suit your needs.  If you are a planner addict or someone wanting to dive into the fun world of crafty organization – then this set is great if you like to print at home.  Currently I only have A5/half-binder size printables.  The stickers I created work seamlessly inside the Happy Planner, Erin Condren, A5 planners and more!  (Not to mention they make great hybrid elements)  Sorry if I am gushing but I am LOVING this – I even have been using this myself.. see!



The funny thing is I’ve had a Cameo for a while now and never got around to really making it work for me – and boy can I say I am ADDICTED!  A huge thanks to my assistant Alina who finally taught me what I had been doing wrong this whole time.  😀  So yeah – that is what I’ve been up to.  In the middle of this we’ve had our holidays, birthdays, family gatherings, full blown panic attacks, you know – the usual.

With all of this said – I am very excited to start this new adventure.  I hope this year will be one of growth for all of us.  I know I have some goals this year that I really want to focus on.  This year my goal is to be more courageous and less afraid of the future.  For the past few years my “one little word” has been “fearless” but I think this year I am going for a bit of a different take on the same thing – courage.   I think I have taken the first step by consolidating and changing up my business plan a bit.   Courage doesn’t always have to be a heroic feat.  Sometimes it may be the courage to allow yourself to really be YOU.

A bit rambly, I know, but I wanted to start the new year off right!  So here is to a new adventure and the courage to try new things!  *cheers!*

Happy New Year & God Bless




As some of you read yesterday- I will be closing my shops at TDP & SHCo in order to consolidate my digital career (PU/CU) into one location and simplify!  My decision to move has been highly driven by large changes in our family life.  TDP is continuing onward and has an amazing year scheduled with fantastic guests, new designers & more.   The new owner is the talented Laura Passage of Wishing Well Creations – so you know the shop is in amazing hands!


On January 1st Mommyish will be exclusively at The-Lilypad.