Color Card #11 - Christmas Tradition

I am not ashamed.  When it is November 1st I say it is officially ok to sing Christmas Songs and openly admire anything related to the Holiday Season.  Let me put you in my mind.  For the past several weeks I have visited various craft stores – they all have had Christmas stuff out since June (ok, maybe not June but you get me) I have averted my eyes!  You know how you did when you were a kid and you were watching a movie that had kissing in it with your parents and you’d look away?  That is what I’ve been doing for the past few months.  But now.. Now is a special time when I can look at the glory of the Holidays without feeling ashamed!

And thus – today’s color calling card!  Traditional Christmas goodness!  Ok *cue holiday music* It’s the MOST wonderful time… OF THE YEAR!  Honestly, just singing Christmas music makes me smile all happily!

Ok, moving on.  This weekend and still running, actually) was DSD!  I had people write what they think DSD should mean.  You guys are hilarious, by the way.  My most favorite was:

Don’t Stop Downloading – Kim Smith

I think everyone felt that way this weekend.  Our families were silently cursing us as we took up all the bandwidth our homes had to offer as we dutifully downloaded all the digital goodness!  Kim gets a $10 Starbucks Giftcard! (Check your email, Kim!)

Also you might have read the Scrapaneers post!  Our winner was lucky #8.  She received a complimentary subscription to the Coffee Break Videocast!  Remember you can still use this code to receive 20% off the class!  Trust me – it is worth it!


What else is up?  Well all the blog hops are still live and Anita and I are extending our sale of A Season to Celebrate & One Fine day through Thursday!  Together that is $70 worth of product for only $14!

Also – I will have a few small new releases posted at SHCo over the next few days – during our sale!  So keep your eyes peeled!  Have a fantastic Monday.. and listen to my favorite Christmas song!



Welcome to the SHCo DSD Blog Hop!  I am so happy you’ve made it to my stop!

First off don’t forget that I have two huge bundles and several brand new CU products out for DSD!  Don’t miss out on the savings!


Also make sure to find out how you could win my entire CU shop for a YEAR!

I went with some handmade calligraphy and then converted them into shapes for PSE/CS! That means you can make these words as large or small as you want. I also included PNG files for those of you who may not use shapes and plus a little special bonus for my PU customers.. the words as gold foil text!





Now for the big news.  Every Mommyish customer who spends $5 at SHCo during our DSD sale will be entered to win my shop for a YEAR!  Details below!*


First off I have the brand new style bundle created from YOUR ideas!  Thank you again to everyone who posted.  There are still some ideas I plan on making for a Black Friday grab bag so watch your email!

I’m sure you all miss Just Jaimee just as much as we do at SHCo.  We got together to create this great bundle of 8 full size products for only $6!  Jaimee’s bits will retire after DSD so be sure to grab this one while you can!

Now for our singles! First up are Doodles by Deonne (my awesome mother in law) who drew all these out for me to scan and list for you!  They come as pngs in color & b/w plus as brushes!

Now time to cool down a bit with some Ice Styles!

Now for my favorite!  This idea came to me in the middle of the night while I was nursing.  I absolutely LOVE how this turned out!  I think you will too!

My last new releases are these two realistic sets of elements!  This are a great addition to any designer stash!

*You may also enter by sending an email subject: SHCo Free to leah(at) by November 6th 11:59pm EST – no purchase necessary.