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Boy or Girl?

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Hi There!

We are so very excited about this upcoming Tuesday (June 11th)!  We have the anatomy scan of our little pumpkin (due November 8th) and of course we are like kids waiting for Christmas morning wondering if the baby is a boy or a girl!  We thought it would be fun to ask EVERYONE what they thought.  Obviously it is just a guess but it is a fun guess, right?

To give those of you who don’t know much about this pregnancy a little extra info.  1st – this pregnancy is completely different than my first with Caitlyn.  2nd – I’ve been craving oranges/citrus/salt/vinegar 3rd – I usually love sweets but lately they seem WAY TOO SWEET!   I hope that helps a few of you to make up your mind.. there are loads of old wives tales!  So.. cast your vote below!


Boy or Girl?
Do you think baby Riordan is a Boy or Girl?

New PU Style Tutorial!

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Loads of info in this one.  It is a bit long (almost 9 minutes) but worth it, I promise!

Products used in this tutorial:

As mentioned in the tutorial I have created a free PSE action for creating paths out of text layers.  As I mentioned in the tutorial, be sure to already have your brush ready to go before running this action.

Download Free PSE Text Path Action Here || Watch a short tutorial on how to use it here

Confused on how to install actions & styles in PSE? Watch this!

Here are a few of the tips used in the video tutorial as reminders! :D  I hope this helps a little more!

tip-engraved tip-sand tip-washi

And here is the final layout!  I hope this has been helpful.  If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.


New Releases & Freebie!

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Hello!  Have you guys recovered from last weekend?  I’m not sure I have 100% yet!  I feel like sleeping through the next week!

Now, if this is your first time at Mommyish.net I want to tell you about my EVIL PLANS FOR THE FUTURE!  :P  Currently if you click on the Freebies category you can pull up the majority of my past freebies.  The links should work (mostly)  I also am working on a side page to put up all the former facebook kit freebies!  (As direct downloads) So keep your eyes open for that!  Lastly I plan on putting up a tutorial page so you guys don’t have to travel over to youtube to watch what is relevant to what you are looking for!  Genvieve made much such a gorgeous site and it is about time I took 100% advantage of it!

Now, what is new for this week?  Lets start with the Personal Use stuff!  I have a mini-kit out called “Got Schooled” (Yeah, I’m not too clever when it comes to kit names) Which is an add on to the Get Schooled Kit/Collection for graduation!  It is on sale at %30 off through the weekend making it only $3.50!  I love how it turned out and love even more the layouts my CT and the P&Co CT made for me!!

Got Schooled

And here are some of the beautiful CT layouts!  (Layouts were made using the mini & collection)

417926_601203716564096_1606055805_n 255702_10151549605432696_346161587_n 942938_10102426926067638_1596292044_n 428471_10201196292413492_505602112_n 420714_4777675121992_1154165693_n 216207_10201145726784624_1459163748_n(1) 485471_10151580696573815_1281566000_n wampmgraduation_web_zps8d270fe2 8719406208_2f9d4f66ba_o

Now let me go ahead and offer up the freebie I made to go along with this!  It is an alpha that really could be used with almost any layout.  It contains lowercase, numbers & symbols.  I created this layout using Stylin’#77 – leather styles & Ultimate Stitching Action.

Alpha Freebie

YAY! And that wraps up my PU portion of the post!  I will be posting a CU portion later this afternoon with tutorials on how to use the four new style sets up at SugarHillCo for PU & CU!  For now how about you take a look at them!


I’ll see you guys later! <3