Today as I work away on new styles and prepping for the big DSD weekend I was searching my pins and fell in love again with the below image.  It is a play ikea kitchen totally made over to be EPIC!  Not only do I love the rainbow of colors used – I love the retro sort of feel and the gold accents!

Cute Retro Kitchen Colors

My mother in law and I plan on doing something similiar to this for Savannah for Christmas.. speaking of Savannah – she turns ONE tomorrow – ONE!  Can you believe that?  I hardly can!  Here is a pic from last year as I prepped for her arrival!

plus size baby belly

Tomorrow I will share her first pics – along with a brand new tutorial that is already FINISHED (getting ahead for the win) And then Wednesday starts all the fun DSD goodness!  And boy do I have an awesome something for you all.  I can not wait to share.. but perhaps a little sneak peek?

Huge DSD grab bag



folded-cornerHi There!  As you can tell from the image to our left today’s tutorial is on how to create realistic fold effects in your layouts!  For this tutorial I am using my Halloween Kit: Hallowed Gothic.  The tutorial is a bit longer than others so make sure you have a yummy snack, some hot chocolate and an idea of what you want papers you want to use before we get started.  For best effects I suggest having 3 papers ready to use.  In this case I have the orange background paper, the black side A paper and the white & orange side B paper.  Don’t be intimidated, I promise this effect is really easy to get and only requires you to be comfortable with clipping layers together (control alt g in CS or control g in PSE)

And below is my final layout! It is of my daughter Caitlyn in 2009 for Halloween. Why do they grow so fast? ARGH! STOP GROWING UP, ALREADY!!!


That is all from me today! Don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel to stay current with my tutorials and other videos. Also, if you create a page using this tutorial please share a link to it below in the comments so I can leave you some love!

Tutorial Tuesday: Realistic Page Folds in Photoshop




Before you remind me that I am late on my post today let me just say that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.  :D  See, forgiven, right?  Typically I like to have my posts up early in the morning but today as I was following my todo list I found my mind struggling to get a grip on this day of Monday that we have all been so very blessed with.

Now that my apologizes are out of the way I want to say thank you for all your great style submissions.  I plan on going through the submissions tomorrow to pick out our grab bag styles!  I’m more excited than you think.  I absolutely love creating photoshop styles and knowing what you want and trying to get it exactly how you want it is what I LOVE to do!

Now – about our card.  i was browsing on pinterest and came across this photo of a beautiful granny square quilt.  My daughter Savannah will be turning 1 next tuesday and I have been wanting to crochet a blanket like this for her.  I absolutely LOVE the colors.. I love the mix of soft tones with brilliantly saturated hues.  OM NOM NOM.

I also created a new set of templates for my new release at P&Co this week.  I decided to do something a bit different than other templates I’ve seen.. playing with dynamic shading and what not.. :D  Here is a sneak peek of what I have been working on:


So, what has inspired you lately?