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I realized that I am not using my website to the full potential that it has!  Seriously!  I abso-freaking-lutely love my site and yet it collects dust unless there is a blog hop going down!  I want to be able to not only use Mommyish as a business site but also just a fun place to leave my stupid ideas and thoughts.  With that being said I plan on doing weekly postings on my blog!  I think once a week is a good way to start.

Now to come up with something catchy.. like the days of the week song?


muahahaha.. that way I could totally write on the blog when I am in the icky-monday-mood and make everyone emo and depressed!  But there you have it.. I’m sticking with the silliness and rolling with it!  So be aware.. or BEWARE!  Monday you will be introduced to a new side of Mommyish!

Now, I’m going to show off my newest action set for photoshop pse & cs!  It is a doodle action!  Check out the video and you can see exactly how it works!


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( sorry for the download mistake!  The link is updated now.)

Happy iNSD!  I was worried I wouldn’t get this post to you!  We had a bit of a hiccup in our household as the baby (Savannah) spiked a really high temperature.  We ended up in the ER all night and all she wants is her mommy!  With that said I’m going to keep this short and sweet!  FREE STUFFS!!!




I’m hopping on this train at the very end so I hope you were able to get to everyone else!  Now, I had planned on SEVERAL new CU things for you all.. that was put into a bit of a kink (as you read above) but I still was able to get four brand new products up for you!

(yes, this one comes with the box as a high resolution png!  It is really super cool!)

Alright – so that is it!  Don’t forget to check out my actions and styles at SHCO while it is all 60% off!  Below are a few of my favorites!

Thank you for stopping by and have a fantastic day!

INSD Celebrations, DigiScrap Parade & More!

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First WELCOME to my blog! You know, this is the place where I keep saying “Hey, I really need to use my website more often.” But then I never do.. yep, it is THAT place.  Today I have a TON of awesome stuff for you.  Now, you may be here in search of DigiScrap Parade Goodies.. if that is the case then BAM there it is right below here.  Then again you may be looking for some P&Co code thingie so be sure to keep reading to find a code along with some tutorial goodness!  HAPPY INSD!



Oh hey there!  You stayed!  YAY!  Well, I have a feeling you stayed because you are trying to get a piece of the code to get this beauty.  If you are on the P&Co Blog Hop that means you just came from the talented Anita Designs.  How this works is each blog in the hop has a letter.. when you go in order the letters/numbers spell out the code to get this huge kit for FREE! (This goes live at 11am EST – I’m a bit early putting it up!)

bermuda triangle

Like all things in life there are strings attached!  My strings happen to be new releases and a tutorial!  But don’t worry, it is a video so you can watch it right here and snag up your letter all at the same time!  But first, my new goodies!! :D

First up is a brand new MEGA GRAB BAG with Anita!!  We really had a great time creating this.. and together it is our BIG INSD Deal!  How Big?  80% Off!  I’ll just say it out-right – five full kits plus pocket cards for only $7!


My next goodie is a fun collection with the talented Amanda Yi (who happens to be a CT member of mine as well!)  Neon & Nautical are both huge trends for this summer and so we have Hey There, Sailor!


Alright, now to the fun part!  I’m not sure about you but I came from a world where recoloring something meant using the option “colorize”  Hopefully after watching this tutorial a whole new world of epic-coloring-goodness will become yours!  I’m not kidding, this tutorial could change your life.. ok, well not your real life but it could change the life of your elements and papers!

Ok, so you may or may not have suffered through that.. it’s ok – I forgive you if you didn’t. <3  Now here is your letter!


From here you are headed to the amazing Sabrina’s Creations!

Are you lost? (or perhaps you are just getting started) If so check out the list below.

And… that is all!  (for today) What else will there be?  How about MORE freebies (CU) and goodies for SHCo?  Oh yes.. good things shall come to those who wait.  <3