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I know I said I would have this yesterday but that darn baby of mine decided to get sick! THE NERVE! So.. here I am today trying again! :D In this tutorial I use a few products – one from Sugarplum Paperie and the other from myself. They are listed below the video. You don’t have to buy these to get the effects.. I’m sure you probably already have the tools in your stash!  So watch.. learn from my repeated mistakes.. and enjoy yourself!  Remember, it is super easy to go back in your history and erase mistakes… unlike real life and that one time you thought TacoBell for dinner would be a good idea.. and it really wasn’t.  Not that I know from personal experience or anything. *shifty eyes*


Products used:

My tutorials are always long and weird.. so beware!  Seriously though, I hope you enjoy it and have fun playing around!  Photoshop FTW!



I can not begin to say how absolutely excited I was when Ru of Studio Basic Designs agreed to make a collab with me!  I have *always* been a fan of her beautiful eclectic style!  I think that is why I am especially excited to share our collection with you!  We both were up for a fun fall kit that could really be used at any time of the year but also toyed with watercolor & art media styles!  I absolutely love this and I am sure you will too!

I have another new release this week that I am super proud of.  First check out this tutorial!

I’m insanely happy with these new styles.  Don’t ask me why because I’m not really sure but I am 100% in love with them!

This week I have a fun little stamp freebie for you all!  The stamps are in abr & png format.  You can pick them up by clicking below to visit my Freebie Section of Mommyish!




Earlier this year I was approached by Melissa Marti to create a kit to be used for a class she would be teaching at Scrapaneers.  I was insanely flattered and got busy with a kit that I hoped would be versatile enough for anyone to use at any time of the year.  The collection I ended up making is HUGE and EXCLUSIVE to students of this self-paced class which also has a LIFETIME membership.. meaning you can go back time and time again at your own pace to absorb all the great material Melissa has prepared.


And because this is my website :P I think I can share an additional project I created for this class!  Not only do you get the Capturing Our Life collection.. but you also receive these matching seasonal mini-kits!


Today is the last day you can get an early bird special on this class at only $28!  If you are new to digi-scrapping or just looking for a little help getting your projects together – this is the class for you!