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Ha!  That is right!  I am taking style requests through this weekend!  You may want to look through my shop to make sure your idea hasn’t already been created – or if it has be sure to detail how you’d make it different!   These requests will be looked over and the chosen ideas will be put into a SUPER-MEGA-FANTASTIC Style Bundle for DSD!  If your idea is picked you will receive this bundle for free!  Fun, right?  You can post as many ideas as you would like.  Remember, the first person to post the idea gets the credit.  Also, if one person happens to have several great ideas then the next person will get credit for the 2nd idea.  (make sense?)  Comments will be closed on Monday morning so – post away!  I look forward to all your ideas!




I was really flattered that Kimberly asked me to be interviewed on her new podcast geared toward self-started businesses.  If you have ever been curious how Mommyish got started and want to hear me be a bit too bubbly.. be sure to check it out!  If you haven’t checked out Kimberly’s fonts you REALLY need to do so!

Also today I have a little freebie for you all.  I am very much into keeping my computer desktop clean.  I find that keeping my computer organized helps me with my work each day!  When it gets overwhelming I feel overwhelmed!  You can download below by clicking on the link to your screen size.


1920×1080 || 1280×1024 || 1280×800 || 1024×768

How did I create these?  I used my new watercolor brushes #4, Vintage Pieces #10 , and Watercolor Actions for CS/CC (also available for PSE)




puppetwarpEach week I try to think of tips and tricks to share with you all.  At times it is hard and other times I think I just doubt myself with this idea that you already *know* and would find the tutorials boring.  This weeks tutorial is based on people who are using CC or CS5+ which has the PUPPET WARP tool.  I LURVE it.  Seriously.  As a designer the puppet warp tool can take elements and make them look COMPLETELY new.  As a scrapper the puppet warp tool can help you create ultra realistic shading!

So, for this week I have a short tutorial on how to create realistic shadows by using your puppet warp tool!  Have fun with this!  Seriously, the Puppet Warp is a tool that once you start using it – you won’t stop!  Like Pringles.. or chocolate.. or Benedict Cumberbatch.

In this tutorial I used a old/new kit that I created two years ago with Studio 68.  It is called Vintage Fall and is on sale through Thursday for only $3!

And as I packaged it I realized I wasn’t quite into creating pocket cards at the time so I created this freebie for you all that matches the kit!  So just click below to snatch those up.


Enjoy and have a fantastic Tuesday!