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puppetwarpEach week I try to think of tips and tricks to share with you all.  At times it is hard and other times I think I just doubt myself with this idea that you already *know* and would find the tutorials boring.  This weeks tutorial is based on people who are using CC or CS5+ which has the PUPPET WARP tool.  I LURVE it.  Seriously.  As a designer the puppet warp tool can take elements and make them look COMPLETELY new.  As a scrapper the puppet warp tool can help you create ultra realistic shading!

So, for this week I have a short tutorial on how to create realistic shadows by using your puppet warp tool!  Have fun with this!  Seriously, the Puppet Warp is a tool that once you start using it – you won’t stop!  Like Pringles.. or chocolate.. or Benedict Cumberbatch.

In this tutorial I used a old/new kit that I created two years ago with Studio 68.  It is called Vintage Fall and is on sale through Thursday for only $3!

And as I packaged it I realized I wasn’t quite into creating pocket cards at the time so I created this freebie for you all that matches the kit!  So just click below to snatch those up.


Enjoy and have a fantastic Tuesday!



Ok, so that didn’t make any sense, did it?  I feel lazy because the Company Stash at P&Co went out and it is freaking gorgeous.  The colors are lovely.. and all I did was make a set of styles.  I had grand plans for the stash.. really grand plans.  What happened?  Life, I guess.  Between working on 5 things at once my plan fell apart.

But.. the good news is I have a brand new collab that is being released this coming Friday and it is GORGEOUS! :D

I did make a new template today for you guys!  It is a freebie so just click here to snatch it up!


Today I was on a podcast with the DigiScrapGeek Podcast!  It isn’t live yet but it will be next week and I had such an amazing time.  The women on the show are just so amazingly kind and made me feel super comfortable!  It was a blast!

In other news I have started creating tools for teachers on Teachers Pay Teachers.  

My mother in law and I are coming up with all sorts of ideas to get this part of Mommyish going full force.  For now I have a few papers and clip art uploaded but we have grand plans!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend filled with lots of Autumn Goodness! <3




I am so super excited about Friday this week.  Why?  Well let me just say that by Tuesday it felt like it should have been Thursday.  I’m not sure if it was just stress or dreary weather or the fact that I had a wisdom tooth pulled but I was generally not in a great mood this week.  But Today.. Friday.. full of promise!  Promise of a weekend where I get to sleep in? Well not exactly because Savannah will wake me up at 5:30 to nurse but.. you know, at least I don’t have to get out of bed to get Caitlyn ready for school!  Anyway enough on that.

I created this new set of elements yesterday that I am really really excited about.  Why, you might ask?  Well I thought “Hey, I can create these as brushes.. but then maybe as birch elements and cork elements..” And then a CT member said “How about SVG files”  I initially was like “too much work..” But as I thought about it I figured it would be a good excuse to actually INSTALL my cameo. (Which we ended up not being able to find the cord for anyway) and try my hand at something new.


I honestly could not have done it without my CT member Juliette and also the talented Jaimee.  They are life savers!  So… the idea behind the accented series is to offer up basic elements in a variety of styles including cutting files for those of you who are into hybrid!  YAY!

Now on to the fun part.  I decided to create a tutorial showcasing how you can use the new accented series to create a myriad of effects using Mommyish Styles & Actions!

In the tutorial I played around with these styles:

Also – Starting Wednesday I will be having a daily freebie download through the month of October!  These downloads will turn into an awesome collection for your everyday use!  So be sure to bookmark Mommyish and keep your eyes open for those freebies!