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New Releases & Stuff!

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It is a new week at Mommyish and I have some awesome stuff to share with you all!
In case you missed it at Scrap Stacks here is my fun travel kit – Such a Trip!  It is on sale 30% off through the weekend!

Also at P&Co is my portion of the designer stash.  I created some really great PSE/CS styles!  These are not only great for the stash but fantastic for adding to your own inventory of styles!

This week my style sets came as ideas from two different designers!  Remember, if you send me a style idea and I use it – you get the style free! <3

Also new at SHCo is a new grab bag called Designer Basics!  This has been set up by Wishing Well Creations & Sugarplum Paperie and myself!  Each month we will take two of our products and bundle them together (six products) and offer them to you for that month at a huge price-cut – $6! (normally a $30 dollar value)  So even if you have one or two of the products it is still a great steal!

MM@M – Font Addiction

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It is Monday Mania @ Mommyish!  Last week was a holiday so I didn’t have a post.  (Ok, that is what I’m going to say as an excuse for not doing a post for the ENTIRE WEEK.. that and my dog ate my post and I was washing my hair and there was a freak alien abduction and.. ok, see.. loads of excuses there.)

First thing is a congrats to our first drawing winner!  I really liked the part of her post about only going to town once a week.  I know this is probably by choice.  We also live in an area where everything is a bit out of the way.  I’m all for getting things done at once so you don’t have to waste time going back over and over and over again.  It must be cool to live somewhere where you could just walk to the store and not have to trek over mountains in a foot of snow.. both ways.. uphill.


This week I’m going to be an enabler!  Oh yes.. are you ready for our topic?  *drumroll*

(the fonts above are brought to you in part by the letter F & the fonts KG BLESS YOUR HEART & junko’s typewriter)

 Ok, so this is where we introduce ourselves.  *stands* Hello, My name is Leah.. and I have a serious addiction.  No, it isn’t chocolate… it is something far more sinister.  Fonts.  I am a font addict.  I have thousands of fonts on my computer.. I just can’t stop downloading them. *sits*

Ok, seriously though I think that when I’m looking at advertisements and product packaging and naming off fonts – I might have a problem.  Ok, maybe not a problem.  There isn’t anything wrong with being a typophile.  I browse through myfonts.com like a hipster browses through Whole Foods.  I get giddy when I get my weekly newsletter from myfonts with their rising stars!  I’m not talking about celebrities here.. I’m talking about yummy font goodness!

My font addiction started with Century Gothic.  It is the font you are reading right now.  I fell in love with the smooth curves and clean lines.  It was simple, modern.. perfect.  Century Gothic will always hold a special place in my heart.  But then I discovered free fonts.

*Warning – visiting the following websites may result in a new addiction or furthered addiction of typography.  Read at your own risk*

I think what I loved more than anything was how the look and feel of a font can change the tone of words.  I mean there is a big difference between these two:

Rye & Times New Yorker

Ok, now onward to the good stuff.  These are the websites I stalk frequent as a typophile lover of fonts.

Free Fonts -

  • Font Squirrel - This is a great site with mostly free for commercial use fonts.  Be sure to read terms as commercial use terms can be different depending on the designer.
  • DaFont - This is one of the older free sites.  The database of fonts is HUGE.  As always some are free for commercial use and others are not.  Read the terms!
  • Abstract Fonts - Another of the older sites.  Again, huge database.  I’m not a fan of the design interface for some reason but loads of goodness here.  Again, read your terms.
  • KevinandAmanda - These fonts are amazing for scrapbookers as there are loads of beautiful handwritten fonts and dingbats.
  • Google Fonts - Oh yes!  You will not regret visiting google fonts.  The even better part is it is all integrated for web usage!  OM NOM!
  • Kimberly Geswein – Kimberly makes some awesome fonts and they are free for personal use and very reasonably priced for commercial use!

Pay Fonts - 

I am a believer in paying for fonts.  To me fonts are art and the artist deserve to be paid for their work.  These are some of the sites that I frequent to purchase fonts at the best rates.

  • MightyDeals - This is a graphic designer’s dream site.. and from time to time they have AMAZING deals on fonts.  Typically a font family will run you between 30-40 dollars.  On this site I’ve seen families for as low at $9!
  • Creative Market – A newer design haven.  You find a myriad of fonts at various prices.  I’ve found some great ones for as low as 3-4 dollars!
  • MyFont.com - Not only is myfont.com a reputable site for fonts but they also have free fonts here as well.  I personally love to type in something fun and just look at all the font goodness!
  • Lost Type – This is a donate/pay site.  If you are wanting personal use fonts then you can download for whatever you feel is appropriate.  Commercial Useage is $40 per font. (From what I have read on the new site)

Alright.  This is a short list but well worth visiting.  Remember, don’t be ashamed of loving fonts.  (Click below for a free printable! 8×10)

Font – Cantoni

This week I will be gifting my newest style set (being released this week) to TWO lucky commenters.   So here is my question – What is your favorite font, and why?

INSD Celebrations, DigiScrap Parade & More!

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First WELCOME to my blog! You know, this is the place where I keep saying “Hey, I really need to use my website more often.” But then I never do.. yep, it is THAT place.  Today I have a TON of awesome stuff for you.  Now, you may be here in search of DigiScrap Parade Goodies.. if that is the case then BAM there it is right below here.  Then again you may be looking for some P&Co code thingie so be sure to keep reading to find a code along with some tutorial goodness!  HAPPY INSD!



Oh hey there!  You stayed!  YAY!  Well, I have a feeling you stayed because you are trying to get a piece of the code to get this beauty.  If you are on the P&Co Blog Hop that means you just came from the talented Anita Designs.  How this works is each blog in the hop has a letter.. when you go in order the letters/numbers spell out the code to get this huge kit for FREE! (This goes live at 11am EST – I’m a bit early putting it up!)

bermuda triangle

Like all things in life there are strings attached!  My strings happen to be new releases and a tutorial!  But don’t worry, it is a video so you can watch it right here and snag up your letter all at the same time!  But first, my new goodies!! :D

First up is a brand new MEGA GRAB BAG with Anita!!  We really had a great time creating this.. and together it is our BIG INSD Deal!  How Big?  80% Off!  I’ll just say it out-right – five full kits plus pocket cards for only $7!


My next goodie is a fun collection with the talented Amanda Yi (who happens to be a CT member of mine as well!)  Neon & Nautical are both huge trends for this summer and so we have Hey There, Sailor!


Alright, now to the fun part!  I’m not sure about you but I came from a world where recoloring something meant using the option “colorize”  Hopefully after watching this tutorial a whole new world of epic-coloring-goodness will become yours!  I’m not kidding, this tutorial could change your life.. ok, well not your real life but it could change the life of your elements and papers!

Ok, so you may or may not have suffered through that.. it’s ok – I forgive you if you didn’t. <3  Now here is your letter!


From here you are headed to the amazing Sabrina’s Creations!

Are you lost? (or perhaps you are just getting started) If so check out the list below.

And… that is all!  (for today) What else will there be?  How about MORE freebies (CU) and goodies for SHCo?  Oh yes.. good things shall come to those who wait.  <3