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I can not begin to say how absolutely excited I was when Ru of Studio Basic Designs agreed to make a collab with me!  I have *always* been a fan of her beautiful eclectic style!  I think that is why I am especially excited to share our collection with you!  We both were up for a fun fall kit that could really be used at any time of the year but also toyed with watercolor & art media styles!  I absolutely love this and I am sure you will too!

I have another new release this week that I am super proud of.  First check out this tutorial!

I’m insanely happy with these new styles.  Don’t ask me why because I’m not really sure but I am 100% in love with them!

This week I have a fun little stamp freebie for you all!  The stamps are in abr & png format.  You can pick them up by clicking below to visit my Freebie Section of Mommyish!




Earlier this year I was approached by Melissa Marti to create a kit to be used for a class she would be teaching at Scrapaneers.  I was insanely flattered and got busy with a kit that I hoped would be versatile enough for anyone to use at any time of the year.  The collection I ended up making is HUGE and EXCLUSIVE to students of this self-paced class which also has a LIFETIME membership.. meaning you can go back time and time again at your own pace to absorb all the great material Melissa has prepared.


And because this is my website :P I think I can share an additional project I created for this class!  Not only do you get the Capturing Our Life collection.. but you also receive these matching seasonal mini-kits!


Today is the last day you can get an early bird special on this class at only $28!  If you are new to digi-scrapping or just looking for a little help getting your projects together – this is the class for you!



I’m so excited to share these new styles for this week!  You have no idea how much I love them!  As always the texture used is seamless!  I also have a great new set of textures!

You probably caught the email earlier this week with Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice!  I wanted to remind you guys that my promotion is still going!  The kit is 30% off and every order is entered to win a Starbucks Giftcard! <3 The Kit is only $4.90!

The sad thing.. I cut sugar from my diet completely so I don’t get to enjoy the yummy goodness.. so I need one of you to do it for me!  Any volunteers?

We have a new Designer Basics this month!  I personally love this collection of products.  Not only are they great for fall.. but they are great for ANY TIME of year!

This week our freebie matches all the P&Co Stash pieces for September!  (Including my Pumpkin Spice Kit)  I created this alpha using the new Leather Styles @ SHCo.  I like to remind you guys.. styles aren’t just for designers!

Have an absolutely amazing weekend!!!