I will admit that I just can’t HELP myself when it comes to naming this stuff!  HA!  It’s why my husband loves me, right?  😀  And you guys love me for it too.. right?  At least I didn’t name the patterns I made something about “wood”  But yeah, I had looked everywhere for “modern” wood grain patterns and didn’t find any that I really *loved* so I decided to make some of my own.

I have this really strong feeling that you guys kinda’ skip over all this stuff and head straight for this next part… well.. pft!  FINE!  This particular freebie matches my Easter & Sprungle Fever Bundle which I might say is automagically 24% off when you buy them together!  <3

Are you looking for the Blog Train Freebie?  If so The post is right here! <3


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